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Fine Tune Llama3 In 5 Minutes

Llama3 is a new and improved language model of Meta AI. It is architected on the foundations of the successful Llama2 family. Llam3 has major improvements such as Together, these changes make Llama3 perform much better against various benchmarks, making it a much improved and efficient language model as compared to the earlier developed Llama2 […]

Kafka Rebalancing

Kafka rebalancing is a crucial process that ensures each partition in a consumer group is handled by only one consumer at a time. Here’s a closer look at what triggers this process and how it works. Key Points about Kafka Rebalancing Definition and Trigger Consumer Blocking During rebalancing, consumer processing is generally halted in eager […]

Achieving High Deployment Frequency in Micro Services

When employing a service mesh in a microservices architecture, achieving high deployment frequency is facilitated through enhanced observability, traffic management, and resilience. Here are some key approaches to consider: CI/CD Pipelines Automated Testing Containerization Microservice Isolation Blue-Green Deployments / Canary Releases Feature Toggles Monitoring and Logging Resilience and Fault Tolerance Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Developer […]

Navigating AI Risks and Building Trusted AI Models

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), businesses are faced with a multitude of risks that encompass legal implications, operational challenges, and the crucial task of building trust in AI models. As AI technologies continue to advance, it becomes increasingly essential for organizations to understand and mitigate these risks effectively. Legal Risks Growing […]

Scaling Micro Services With Service Mesh

Services meshes solves some of the common issues occurs during the scalability and operations of highly scalable distributed systems often involves hundred or thousand of micro services. There are numerous patterns used by service mesh solutions, mostly Sidecar, Controller, Fail Fast, Canary and Blue Greens. Isto is popular open source service mesh solution for Kubernetes […]

Mutual TLS (mTLS) in Microservices

Cyber Security

In the constantly changing world of micro services, keeping communication routes safe is very important. Mutual TLS (mTLS) is a strong security system that makes sure both the client and the server can trust each other by adding an extra layer of authentication. We’ll learn more about mTLS in this blog post, including why it’s […]